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3E Accounting: A New Wave of Effective and Cost-Efficient Compliance Solutions

The compliance industry which has recently seen a number of regulatory laws and frame work changes continues to influence businesses across Asia Pacific. As a result, compliance solution providers have grown in importance to play a more active role with in organizations. 3E Accounting is a company that was founded on three "E" core values – efficient and effective services with economical fees has now become the leader of the pack. Stepping up to the challenges of a strict and complicated legal and compliance space, 3E Accounting has been offering professional and quality-driven compliance support to their clients. The firm provides one-stop solution services in company incorporation, work pass application, accounting, book keeping, virtual office address, taxation, GST, secretarial and compliance, human resource and any other business related services. Lawrence Chai, Managing Director, 3E Accounting says, “Our goal is to help our partners focus on their core business functions and leave all other compliance matters to us.”

3E Accounting creates an international accounting network to give its clients the edge in every aspect of compliance. “We want to assist our clients not just in setting up their businesses in Singapore or Malaysia, but to further expand to overseas markets. Through our extensive network, we are able to help our clients to venture far and beyond,” explains Lawrence. The company adopts a set of written internal guidelines and employee handbook where it implements fair, responsible and progressive employment practices. Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment (TAFEP)awarded the firm with the TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award, recognizing its fair, responsible and progressive employment practices.

3E Accounting’s journey from being a small firm in Singapore to one of the top 30 accounting firms in Singapore is a testament to their success. Within a short span of five years, the company has already seen its presence grow across 19 countries with total combined staff strength of more than 400 staffs and 27 offices across Asia, North and South America and Europe. 3E Accounting has gained a major customer base across Singapore and Malaysia owing to its quality compliance services. As its services continue to remain top-notch, the company’s goal to become the best one-stop solution centre globally appears well within the reach.

With the focus to lead the APAC market, the company has improved efficiency and brought better visibility into compliance issues. Helping clients in the implementation of compliance standards has become an important component of the services offered by 3E Accounting. Through this, the company prompts preventive actions for the whole organizations on a time-to-time basis. This level of guidance is invaluable as it not only protects the interests of clients but also makes sure that they avoid penalties and summons from compliance authorities.
Lawrence elucidates further, “We always listen to our clients so that we are able to see things from their perspective, provide accurate advice without using professional jargons that clients do not understand so that we can address any of their concern accurately and effectively.”

3E Accounting is staying innovative and making use of new technologies in order to reach a greater height. 3E Accounting helps businesses to understand compliance functions better by constantly engaging with them via emails, on-line chat portal, telephone calls or face-to-face meeting. Through its concise and informative website, the company imparts expert knowledge that promotes the values of honesty and integrity within compliance operations. The company acts on behalf of its clients to take charge of their entire processes.

3E Accounting’s journey from being a small firm in Singapore to one of the top 30 accounting firms in Singapore is a testament to their success

The ACCA Approved Employer Program only names companies that ACCA recognizes as having high standards of staff training and development. With this award, it is assured that 3E meets or exceeds global standards for its teaching and developmental support. Lawrence details,“By being a registered agent of ACRA, we can give assurance to our client that we are an authorized professional firm capable of carrying out our duties diligently and effectively.”On 22 March 2013, the company’s member firm, 3E Accounting Employment Pte. Ltd., achieved the status of a Duly Licensed Employment Agency with the Ministry of Manpower. The license enables 3E to facilitate the placement of workers for an employer and represent employers or workers in the official submission of work pass applications.

On 27 June 2013, 3E Accounting became an Accredited Training Organization in Singapore. The accreditation is given only to a company that provides the highest level of training and development opportunities for candidates. On June 2016, 3E Accounting became a Xero Certified Advisor that provides Xero Cloud Accounting Software in Singapore. As the Certified Advisor, it provides valuable business and tax advice and guides client’s in setting up a Xero software to facilitate taxation related matters and enhance business performance. 3E Accounting is also a QuickBooks ProAdvisors that provide QuickBooks Online Services in Singapore to their client’s.

The company’s deep product knowledge and stellar client service helps it to grab potential opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia. As a fair and inclusive employer in Singapore and Malaysia, 3E Accounting has made a mark with its responsive and superior advice and corporate services assistance to earn the title of one of the best qualified one-stop solution centre in Singapore. Lawrence concludes, “3E Accounting is never contented with the growth achieved so far. We will continue to work harder and most importantly staying innovative and making use of new technologies in order to reach a greater height.”